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Our surveillance service can resolve the conflict in some of the investigations

Our surveillance investigators obtain clear and identifiable evidence of the subject and the subject’s actions. We can initiate a discreet enquiry including gathering of intelligence on any suspect and carry-out surveillance wherever required

We would also carry out a discreet in-depth investigation to determine details of individuals when suspects are not known.

Our surveillance service can resolve the conflict in some of the investigation which includes:


Corporate Fraud Investigation Services

Our firm undertakes the assignments of corporate fraud as a multi dimensional matter and our specialized analysis to prevent corporate fraud include internal audit and external audit, inventory check, transaction check, employee attendance record (time of fraud which has occurred), and other internal details for future preventions of fraud threat.

We categorize fraud by distinguishing following key branches:

  • Asset misappropriation (internal and external audit)
  • Material misstatements of financial statements (inventory & transaction check)
  • Corruption
  • Tax evasion (status enquiry)


Undercover Operations and Investigations

Undercover operation is proven to be the pillar of many of our assignments, whether it is to obtain evidence or intelligence from inside an organization or determine the source of counterfeit goods. When at a stage of the investigation where a covert probe is possible, our undercover investigation is often the best way to provide corroborated evidence for the matter.

Undercover operations are conducted by the corporate investigators / trained investigators in formulated strategy. Due to the sensitive nature of the service, we accept the request of undercover operation after reviewing the full case.


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